Monthly Real Estate Digest:

Fully understand your wealth through real estate and all of the options you have. And even better, watch as it changes each month!


Learn about the worth of your property from month to month

The monthly report that you will receive is an interactive financial dashboard designed to empower you to build wealth with your greatest financial asset - your home.

We believe that you shouldn’t ever have to guess the value of your home and what that means to you and your family.


If you already own a home...

your monthly subscription to this service will be covered by us .
That way you can focus on what matters; stewarding your investment wisely.

It can be really hard to fully understand your wealth, in relation to your real estate, because it’s always changing.

Now, not only will you be able to fully understand this every month, but you will have access to the most accurate valuation and accounting of your equity. We are excited to help you better track and build your real estate wealth, along with a host of other things each month.

You’ll get information on savings possibilities, if it makes sense to pay your home down faster, if you wanted to rent your home or a room on AirBNB, or if you wanted to buy an investment property or move up to a larger home.

This monthly digest will become your new favorite report to read each month because it’s uniquely tailored to you and it changes over time.