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We provide 4 key services on top of our powerful CRM

What is the Home Concierge?

You will now have a new best friend in homeownership! Imagine having a Home Concierge at your beck and call, your home projects taken care of with one phone call or click, service reminders to stay on top of maintenance, and all of your home’s information at your fingertips. The Art of Homeownership, at its core, helps you care for your home so that it will take care of you. That’s why we provide homeowners the following concierge services:

  • A professional 300 point home inspection (to identify your specific home maintenance needs),
  • Tips and reminders on home care (based on the inspection), and
  • A concierge to expertly source home-related services.

Monthly Real Estate Wealth Digests

The monthly report that you will receive is an interactive financial dashboard designed to empower you to build wealth with your greatest financial asset - your home. We believe that you shouldn’t ever have to guess the value of your home and what that means to you and your family.

What is the Perfect Mortgage Promise?

We combine our knowledge of the current housing market, interest rates, and your financial status to make sure you always have a loan that makes the most sense for your family. We will proactively reach out to you to make money-saving recommendations as soon as opportunities become available.

Our commitment to you is to help you Master the Art of Homeownership and ensuring that you are always in the perfect mortgage, with the perfect mortgage plan, is a major part of this. We’re excited to take all of this off of your plate!

No Cost, Pre-Sales Renovation Financing

If you currently own a home and are planning on selling, we can help you get the absolute best price for your home by offering you Pre-Sales Renovation Financing. This means that you can access the money you need to do the upgrades, repairs or renovations on your home, to ensure that it looks it’s absolute best and sells for the highest price.

These services can range from small things like painting or staging, to new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and so much more.


Normally, you would have to pay with your own money to do these upgrades and repairs, in order to get your home in the best shape to sell. Now, with our Pre-Sales Renovation Financing, you can access the funds you need and you won’t pay any interest and there are no fees. When the home sells for much more than it would have, you pay back the financing amount and keep the additional profits from selling your home at a much higher price!

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Owning a home can be puzzling. It can be a resource or it can be draining

It provides a feeling of safety and consistency yet it can also be a source of stress.

Most homeowners view their homes as an investment. Home remains the biggest financial asset for the typical American homeowner, who has roughly 50 percent of their wealth tied up there. In the best of circumstances, their home fulfills dreams, helping to pay for college, fund retirement investments, even buy a vacation home. In the worst of circumstances, a home becomes a financial trap, draining resources and requiring hard decisions about whether to stick it out or move on.

What if you could go back in time and make all the right choices regarding your properties

People have a clear goal of becoming a homeowner, and once that happens, what is the plan for Day 2 through 50+ years later? The question you will inevitably continue to ask is “Am I doing everything right and what am I not doing that should I be doing?”

Helping clients after ownership through nurture campaigns

With our CRM automation you can schedule a time to contact owners and keep up with their success.

We want to help you plan for the future and watch over what is often times your largest asset (your home) and your largest debt (your mortgage). Most people think that once they have bought the home and obtained the mortgage, that everything is up to them to manage, moving forward. We fundamentally disagree with this premise and we are challenging this with the “The Art of Homeownership.”

What's our timeline?

Step 1: Within 48 hours, a member of our team will be reaching out to you to get you set up on all of our systems, ask you some important questions and schedule your Initial Review.

Step 2: Within two weeks, you will get your first Real Estate Wealth Digest.

Step 3: Within 30 days, you will get an email from your new Home Concierge to schedule your in-home consultation. If they don’t hear back, they will call you 45 days later to see if they can help you schedule your appointment over the phone.

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Works with your team and your campaigns

Our drip campaign management tool includes AI and easily programmable management of all your campaigns per team member. Let us give you the tools you need to easily see how your campaigns are performing.


Determine whether you have the appropriate level of insurance; including home, auto, umbrella, medical, disability, and life insurance.

Financial Planning

Is your real estate helping you towards your retirement goals? Feel confident that you are using budgeting, savings, retirement, investment and tax planning tools to your maximum benefit.

Real Estate Planning

Our goal is  to ensure you have all of the information and education necessary to make confident decisions about real estate.

Credit & Debt Management

We’ll help you better understand how to use leverage in a responsible and productive way. You’ll know when and how to payoff or pay down debt over time and when not to.